The Legal Stuff

Here’s some legal information, in plain English, for those who visit the site.

By visiting the site, you agree that you are above the age of 13. I’m not going to put anything in place to monitor that, but you agree that you are the age of 13 or above, or whatever is legal in your community.

You agree that you’re not going to hold the guy who runs this site responsible for anything that may happen while you are surfing this site, or as a result of surfing this site. Obviously I’m not going to do something to my site that might potentially harm you or your computer, but still, it has to be said.

There are lots of places in this site that have affiliate links. I’m not responsible for what happens on other sites once you click through these links, or any link for that matter. That being said…

I do NOT give anyone the right to republish this content anywhere else without permission. The exception to this is that you can republish my stuff, so long as you give this site the credit and do not alter links that are present in the content.

If I suspect someone of doing shady business on my site, I reserve the right to ban you from this site.

I am free to do what I see fit with the site. This is a matter of protecting myself and all those who use the site.

You are free to grab the RSS feed from this site and use it in your RSS aggregator. You are also free to use the RSS feed and display a feed of this site on your site, so long as you don’t alter any links in the process.

I’m free to change this as I need to to cover new situations that may or may not arise.

Also, Amazon requires me to do this, so…. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

That should do it for now!


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