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Weekly Amazon Anime Deals – Week of 04/22/2012 (Updated!)


(Updated today with some new slightly lower prices!) So, I think I’m gonna try to start a new weekly deals review thing, where I analyze the latest good deals on This will be a straightforward thing. It has to be 50% off or better from the suggested retail price, and not a percent less….

Yotsuba&! manga for $7.91 each!

Image via Wikipedia So I totally skipped out on doing a weekly RightStuf! special article for like… 4 weeks? Whoops. Maybe this week? 😛 Something else then. While skimming around Amazon today, I ran into something that a lot of people might be interested in. Apparently, the Yotsuba&! manga is going for $7.91 a piece…

Anime overstocks from RentAnime for $1.99

Second update for today! If you’re not a stickler for things like DVD boxes and packaging extras and you’re willing to shed a few bucks to get the DVD discs only, has a ton of there DVDs on sale, all of which are going at $1.99 a disc. Some examples of stuff to…

Right Stuf – Tokyopop Manga Sale!

Whenever stuff from Tokyopop goes on sale, I’m ecstatic. The reason being is that it’s always manga that goes on sale for them, and this is important because manga isn’t like anime in that anime has leeway to be discounted, so that’s why you often see stuff going on sale in the anime section at…

Hello all!

I intend to make this blog about anything and anything that can save you a few bucks on buying anime, manga, related paraphernalia and maybe the occasional video game. You might also run into a few posts about things I’ve found worthwhile. Make yourself comfortable!