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Thanks for going through the effort to submit a deal to! With your contribution, the anime and manga community at large can benefit from not having to sacrifice that next box of Pocky for a new volume of manga or the next collection of DVDs!

We accept postings for deals (i.e. “50% off of Fruits Basket Complete DVD Collection”), coupons (ie. “Use coupon code ANIMEDEAL to get 50% off your next order”) and promotions (i.e. “Buy one manga volume, get 100 manga volumes free!”).

Benefits of Submitting

You benefit in a couple of ways when you submit a deal!

  • My wholehearted thanks! (Cause I know that means a lot to you!) XD
  • A link back to whatever site you’d like! Link people back to your blog, or maybe your deviantArt gallery!
  • The opportunity to save someone from sacrificing their next lunch.

Some Rules for When You Submit a Deal

There’s a couple items of guidance that we have to give first, though:

  • We generally only feature deals where there is at least 40% or better off of goods. Anyone can get 10% off of something. We’re looking for serious deals here!
  • We reserve the right to rewrite any submitted links and postings for whatever reason. We will, however, never fail to give credit for the submission.
  • If you’re unsure, submit anyway. The worst that we can do is say no. ^_^

Submissions we do not accept include:

  • deals – No worries, we’re watching them like a hawk.
  • More as we think of them…

How To Submit

Here’s what you should include when posting a deal or promotion:

  • Your name (as you’d like to be credited)
  • Your personal website (if you’d like a link back to your own website)
  • A descriptive title for your deal (“80% off of Bleach Season 1 Boxset at”
  • What category your post falls under
  • A short description of what the deal entails, including where it’s at, what’s being offered, a web address to where more information about the deal can be found, and (if you’re opting to get a link back to your own website) a short description of your own website (no more than 25 to 30 words, please).

Oh, and one last thing: You’ve gotta be logged in to the website to get to the next page.

Without further ado, click here to get to the posting form!


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