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Funimation Sale (again!) for up to 57% off Blu-Ray and Blu-Ray/DVD Combos!

Princess Jellyfish available at Amazon.com!

My god, we actually have titles other than DBZ Kai, Eden of the East and FMA available!

Weekly Amazon Anime Review – Week of 05/06/2012


Well, another two days later then I expected to post these things. I should really start marking my calendar… Anyway, another week goes by, and the list changes ever so slightly. Anime of note include: Hayate the Combat Butler: Part 1 – While Hayate the Combat Butler is full of anime in-jokes, the substance of…

Weekly Amazon Anime Deals – Week of 04/29/2012


So, I swear I didn’t forget that I intended to start a weekly column of awesome anime, just that…. I ended up with too much information and formatting it all took FOREVER. Anyway, deals in the order of percent saved. Big winners include: Aquarian Age – Sign For Evolution – Not a bad 13 episodes of…

Sci-Fi/Fantasy Funimation Sale for up to 60% off at Amazon.com!

Last Exile is on sale at Amazon.com!

Seems like I’ve been running a lot of deals lately for stuff that’s appearing on Amazon.com… anyway, the Funimation blog has announced a new sale on their stuff on Amazon.com, this time specifically with a sci-fi and fantasy theme to the anime they’re putting up for sale! Here’s the new list and oh god my…

Select Funimation Titles on sale at Amazon.com until January 31


If you didn’t get all the anime you wanted during Christmas, you might find something good among these select Funimation Blu-Ray (and DVD/Blu-Ray Combo) titles on Amazon.com for up to 66% off! Click the MORE link for more details.

Trinity Blood DVD Bargain Bundle for $23.99

I’ve been out of town, so I haven’t posted something in awhile. Hopefully, this smoking hot deal of the entire Trinity Blood DVD set will make up for it. Supposedly, this is all the individual DVD releases packaged together into one tight deal, and at $23.99, it’s far less expensive than the Viridian Collection box…

RightStuf Daily Deal – Beck S.A.V.E. Edition for $17.49 – Today Only!

And a third update for today! RightStuf.com has the Beck S.A.V.E. Edition Complete Series for $17.49 today, or if you’re a GotAnime member, it’s $15.74! This is a Daily Deal, so it’s good for today only, until around 11PM Pacific.

Amazon.com – The Value of the Funimation S.A.V.E. Collection

I don’t think I’ve given the S.A.V.E. collection of products from Funimation enough credit, honestly. Sure, they may not have the same level of value that some of the regular releases have (i.e. gobs of special features and cool packaged extras), but then I think about the fact that I still haven’t done much of…

Best Buy – Funimation Sale?

Well, it looks like Best Buy ain’t done selling anime on discount again. I’ve run into what looks like a mostly Funimation-focus on deals this time around. Some of the items up for grabs: Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Blu-Ray – $14.99 Samurai 7: Box Set Blu-Ray – $19.99 Claymore: Complete Box Set Blu-Ray – $26.99…

Amazon.com – Witchblade Complete Series on Blu-Ray for $22.99

Here’s one of a couple smoking deals that I’ve just run into. If you’re into Witchblade, or you haven’t seen the anime yet, here’s your chance to get it in high definition on Blu-Ray at $22.99! Give this one a shot if you can folks, this is a smoking deal for the whole package, and…