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Select Funimation Titles on sale at Amazon.com until January 31


If you didn’t get all the anime you wanted during Christmas, you might find something good among these select Funimation Blu-Ray (and DVD/Blu-Ray Combo) titles on Amazon.com for up to 66% off! Click the MORE link for more details.

Right Stuf – Tokyopop Manga Sale!

Whenever stuff from Tokyopop goes on sale, I’m ecstatic. The reason being is that it’s always manga that goes on sale for them, and this is important because manga isn’t like anime in that anime has leeway to be discounted, so that’s why you often see stuff going on sale in the anime section at…

The Anime Network – 25% Off Subscriptions

The Anime Network, one of maybe four or so different official places to find streaming anime, has just announced that they are taking 25% off of subscription! As a proponent of watching more anime by legal means, I personally think that you should take advantage of this offer as quickly as possible. Here’s a list…